AMORA Dog Snack Sensitive mmmh! with duck

Complementary feed for adult dogs.

In 100 g and 350 g.


Complementary feed for adult dogs

mmmh - simply delicious. AMORA Sensitive Snacks are made from fresh duck meat and contain no additives such as corn, wheat, soy, colorants, preservatives or meat meal.
These natural snacks consist of 93 % fresh duck meat and are a tasty reward for any dog. AMORA only produces with fresh meat and not with meat meal or animal by-products.
The snacks are natural and provide high-quality nutrients for your pet. They contain lots of meat, little fat and no added sugar.
AMORA Training Snacks are made with love under high quality standards and have a soft texture that is also suitable for puppies and seniors.

93 % Duck, gelatine, glycerine
Crude protein 59 %, crude fat 22 %, crude ash 5.7 %, crude fiber 0.9 %, moisture 10.7 %
Feed the snacks individually or in small quantities, always close the bag tightly and provide sufficient drinking water.
The recipe contains no gluten-containing raw materials. Only fresh meat is used for production and no meat meal. Please store the product in a cool, dry place and protect it from direct sunlight.
Analytical components
Crude protein

10.8 %

Crude fat

5.4 %

Raw ash

2.5 %

Crude fibre

0.5 %


79.0 %