AMORA Meat Pur Adult with poultry hearts

Complete food for adult cats.

In 200 g and 400 g.


complete feedingstuffs for adult cats

Amora meat pure cat food is a high-quality complete food, which is produced exclusively from pieces of meat and offal. Amora meat pure contains a particularly high amount of animal protein, vitamins and minerals. Of course, Amora pure meat contains no flavourings, colourings or preservatives and no sugar. German production - without pork

composition: Meat and animal by-products (50 % beef, 20 % poultry hearts), minerals, oils and fats (safflower oil).

Analytical componentscrude protein: 10.3 %, crude fat: 6.8 %, crude fibre: 0.4 %, crude ash: 1.9 %, moisture: 75 %

Additives: Nutritional additives/kg: Vitamin A 3000 IU, vitamin D³ 200 IU, vitamin E 30 mg, taurine 1.5 g, zinc as zinc sulphate, monohydrate 15 mg, manganese as manganese II sulphate, monohydrate 3 mg, iodine as calcium iodate, anhydrous 0.75 mg, selenium as sodium selenite 0.03 mg.

Feeding recommendation: An average large cat (4 kg) needs about one can of AMORA FLEISCH PURE (400 g) per day.

Analytical components
Crude protein

10.3 %

Crude fat

6.8 %

Raw ash

1.9 %

Crude fibre

0.4 %


75.0 %