AMORA cat litter WHITE COMPACT with Aloe Vera

Cat Litter

In 8 liters and 15 liters.

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Amora Compact White is a very fine lump litter made of high-quality, white natural clay and a pleasant aloe vera scent. The grains are extremely absorbent and form small, flat, firm lumps that can be easily removed with a scoop, so that Amora Compact White only needs to be refilled and odour cannot develop in the first place.

Amora Cat Litter White Compact with Aloe Vera is another scented variety and like the other varieties is also extremely absorbent with fine lump formation and therefore economical in use.

composition: high-quality, white natural clay, aloe vera essence

Economical consumption: 8 litres = up to 3 - 4 weeks ; 15 litres = up to 4 - 6 weeks