AMORA cat litter CLASSIC our best

Cat Litter

In 15 liters.

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Amora Cat Litter Classic Our best is our price-performance winner, consisting of brown natural clay (bentonite). Of course with strong odour binding, extreme absorbency and solid lumps formation, therefore economical in use.

Amora Classic our best is a very economical cat litter made of high quality natural clay with strong odour binding, extreme absorbency and solid lumps. The Advantages of Amora Classic our Best Cat Litter: *Low-dust granulation* *Super economical due to solid lumps* *Optimal odour binding* *Abst-free natural product* *Disposal via household waste or organic waste bin*.

Ideally, we recommend that you fill the litter at least 7-10 cm high in the litter tray so that your cat does not reach the bottom of the toilet when scratching, so that you only have to remove the solid lumps every day and refill the litter occasionally. The constant refilling or complete replacement of the litter is largely unnecessary or can be significantly reduced.

composition: high-quality, brown natural clay

Economical consumption: 15 litres = up to 4 - 6 weeks